Sunday, January 30, 2011

Remember when people practically threw away those poky little frogs.  Now I hardly ever run across them at garage sales, maybe they did throw them away.  I like putting pictures in them.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Colorful Fiesta - I love it!

A little look at some of my fiesta collection.  I started out when a friend was going to throw out her mother's old fiesta, and offered it to me.  I think the colors are so cheerful and I enjoy finding a new piece now and then. 
I like the old colorful tins and wooden salt and peppers with the fiesta.  The little blue teapot isn't fiesta, but lends to the flavor.  I have had it since childhood, I used to play with it in the smokehouse of an older family member, until one day she just gave it to me.  I could write a story just about it.  Happy memories for me.
My mom made the little dog and kitten when I was a little girl, still remember her sewing on them. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

All done, ready for class notes or to journal, now I want to make one for myself.
I love how lace and linen come together.
My daughter-in-laws are signed up for an embroidery class, I decided to make them a covered book for their class notes.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A little change here and there, after all it is a new year.
Brenda really changed up her booth, she can sure pull out the cottage look - cozy!!!
How bout these vintage blue suitcases - the color is wonderful.  If I bought everything that catches my eye I would have no place in my house to park my body.
Another booth at Canton, I need to wear the SIMPLIFY sign around my neck.  I think this is probably a good word to live by, but I seem to attract complication!
Here's a look at one of the shades I embellished with vintage crocheted laces, so much fun doing these, they come together really fast and I like instant gratification when I'm working on a project!
Here's a sweet pic of another booth at Timeless Treasures in Canton.
Here's a little look at the kitchen, I worked on the punched tin pie safe and tried to get the kitchen stuff together in one place. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

I made a trip to Canton today and found Brenda"s booth totally reworked.  I loved it, especially this green cabinet that she worked over.  I wish I had before and after pics, it was in need of TLC when I saw it going into the back of her truck.  Sure turned out cute Brenda!  Have more pics, will post later.

Friday, January 7, 2011

I went junkin today and didn't come home empty handed, YES!!!

I found the wonderful picture at a favorite thrift shop, the crocheted triangle looking piece is a valance, overall I was quite pleased with the treasures I found.  I can't imagine only shopping for new things.  I love the character of an old piece, and don't get me close to crocheted or embroidered pieces, they are my weakness!  I am looking forward to spring when garage sales are going on again, my favorite pass time.
I really got excited when I lucked onto these vintage shoes, was pretty pleased about the rosy china too!
I can never pass up a good buy on these little pin cushions.
Picked this up at a local thrift shop, it looks like new.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

McKinney - Antique Company Mall

We spent today in McKinney setting up our new space at the Antique Company Mall.  This was an awaited opportunity for us.  I love this mall, the inspiration there is amazing, you need only to shop around and you are sure to be inspired!!! 

If you are looking for valentines - look no further, I came home with more than a handful of vintage valentines.  So sweet and they bring back old memories of grade school when we all brought decorated valentine boxes for everyone to deposit your special valentine in.  Remember the crepe paper and construction paper hearts, lots of pink and red.  Carefree days gone by. 

I am posting some pics of the new space, hope you stop by this mall next time you get out for fun.
So here is what the new space looks like.  Still need to bring in the smalls. 
I wish I could crochet like this, who has time to do it anymore???  It seems crocheting, embroidering, and quilting are becoming a lost art, today's women just don't have time - with work, kids, home, school, and all the rest that consumes us. 
I have had so much fun spiffing up old lamp shades.  This one has a vintage collar with an old rhinestone piece, and old scraps of lace. 
I love this old purse, but I can only imagine the noise I would make carrying this around.  CLUNK!
Old luggage, it's just great for holding your seldom used paperwork, or keep your photos here for a quick grab in case of house fire or flood - not!!!!
A little burlap on an old footstool.