Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I found this heirloom quality quilt at a garage sale over the weekend.  So surprised that anyone would dream of parting with a quilt of this quality that their family member had made.  It is quilted so close with the smallest stitches, the applique is just perfect.  I used to piece and quilt before my eyes went bad - I know how hard this is to do, I was never able to do this type of applique.  When I bought it the lady said they found it in a box from an auction purchase.  It is old and needs a really good cleaning, but scared to ruin it.  Any tips for safely cleaning this?
The Ohio star pattern goes around the whole border, look how all of the points are just perfect, when I pieced my quilts, they were never this perfect.  Wish I knew who made it and when.
The applique work on this is just perfect, I can't believe all the hours put into doing this quilt.  I soooo admire the workmanship here.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Antiques Etc. - Ardmore, OK

A recent trip to Antiques Etc. was so enjoyable.  If you get into OK check out this antique mall.  The mall is loaded with booths and full of collectibles of all kinds.  I loved this setting of pastels, so soft and cottage.  I bet most everyone has seen a few of these dishes set at the table.  I'm putting some pics for you to enjoy too.
Pretty pastels here, puts me in the mood for Easter!
I love pottery, this is soooo eye catching, it is one of the first sites to greet you when entering.
Come on in, sit and relax a bit, this is just very cozy to me.
Here's some blue, reminds me of the country, comforting, especially the granite ware tea kettle.
If it's green you're searching for, look no further!
A touch of lavender here.
Soft shades of blue.
A little mellow yellow here.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've had this old chair (wish you could see more of it, should've taken a pic just of the chair) in the garage for ages, drug it out and gave it a taste of green, I think it is ready for spring.  Made some pillows for spring too, I think they would be great in a sunroom, I have some more in the works.  Sometimes when I start something I do several before moving on.

Monday, March 14, 2011

On the way to our cabin we stopped to watch these wild turkeys, I remembered I had the camera and took a pic.  I always think it is a treat to see something like this.
The forsythia are in full bloom too, they are just like the flowering almonds, beautiful but gone tooooooo soon.  Now the wait for perrenials.
I planted small clumps of daffodils here and there, this is the second year for them.  They are so bright and my first blooms of spring.  My friend Brenda has a whole row of them down her drive, really thick, I like that they last for a while, and really get me in the mood for spring.


I think this flowering almond is one of the prettiest blooming shrubs in spring.  I just wish they bloomed longer.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easter is fast upon us, I love it!  Fond memories of dotted swiss dresses, colorful Easter baskets filled with boiled colored eggs.  A day when all the cousins came together for the big hunt, we anticipated the hunt for days - admiring our new shoes and dress, our Easter basket, waiting to color the eggs......  these were fun times for us.
I love old postcards, these Easter cards are beautiful.
I love these little chicks, soooo sweet!  I bet everyone remembers Easter with colored chicks - do they even do that any more?  I remember the feed store having a big box filled with red, pink, green and blue chicks, it was a kids paradise for sure!