Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On Dancer, On Prancer..........I found this divided drawer and decided to back it with some sheet music and then hung the reindeer ornaments, so easy, wish I had a few more of these drawers.  The deer can be removed after Christmas and something else can be hung for the next holiday or special gathering.
This is one of my Christmas gifts.  Our oldest son and his wife did this for me for my gift, I soooooo love it!  If all goes well we will be roasting marshmallows on Christmas night.  We live in a small cabin in the woods, very private, our two sons have made trails through the woods, a bridge across the creek, and have several hives of bees.  I love living with less stuff and more nature.
Here's a little something that isn't Christmas.  The weather was somewhat ok today, so I was outside taking a few pics, thought I would post some of them.  Wait - I can explain this, ok, I do have a thing for watering cans.  This is a little outside setting - I am working on a small area that I would like to be a secret garden.  I have container plants in this area and look forward to enjoying it in the warmer weather. 
Cold weather is taking its toll on the plants, about the only thing green are the pansies - I love to plant in old containers and tins.  These are sitting in a wagon, easy to move around as needed.  I have started doing container planting and find that I like the ease of taking care of plants that way.  I can't wait for winter to pass so there is something pretty to look at in the garden!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cuff Bracelets

I started playing with old lace and rhinestone pieces, decided to make cuff bracelets.  Laid them on this vintage lace purse to take pics.  It was a fun project and I enjoyed looking through my old laces and misc. sparkles.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Wishing each of you a blessed Thanksgiving day filled with family, food, and love.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Made a trip to McKinney to work on my booth.  I brought this lamp, it is just so beautiful, I fell in love with it when I found it.  Some things are harder to part with than others.   The rest of this week will be spent getting ready for Thanksgiving, menu is planned, ready to put it into action.  Hope each of you have a blessed day filled with family, food, and love.
A look at a little more of my booth, I enjoy the Antique Company Mall in McKinney, there is always something there that inspires me - I am always starting a new project and there is no better place to put you in the mood than a good antique mall.
A little bird nest rests in the space where the clock used to be.  I love the birds, it is such a treat to find a nest of eggs and then to watch as they hatch and grow.  I put nesting boxes out, but this year I didn't have much activity with them, maybe because it was so hot and dry???  Better luck next year I hope.
The chest of drawers was too plain, so I stenciled the numbers on it.  I wanted to distress it but decided to leave that up to the next owner.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I started this amish looking quilt a few years ago, then my eye sight went south on me and it was put away.  I had made the blocks, just didn't put it all together.  My husband made me a guide on my sewing machine and I joined the blocks and put a border on it.  I really miss being able to do intricate piecing due to my vision.  However I am glad that I was able to put this together, just straight lines, (some of mine not so straight), but ready to send to the quilter.  The donkey picture is a vintage pin the tail on the donkey game board, I have always loved donkeys.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yard Art

These fun yard birds were spotted in OK over the weekend while junking.  I have an affection for them, when my Dad was living he made two similar ones for me.  He's been gone for 8 years now, I still have the birds and treasure them.  My Dad was always tinkering with something, I like to think that I inherited some of his passion for making things.  My Mother is a quilter and sewed my clothes when I was growing up.  I love coming from a family of do-it-yourselfers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A look at Timeless Treasures Antique Mall in Canton

Hope you enjoy the pictures, didn't feel the need to say anything, will let the pictures speak for themselves.  If you get the chance stop by this mall for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Scales - I remember that my Grandma had a kitchen scale.  She lived in the country and grew an enormous garden, and often sold veggies to the neighbors.  They would come by, express their wants and out came the bread sacks (everything was recycled) and filled with squash, okra, ect.  They were promptly weighed and the money was put into the sugar bowl.  It was a fun day when a kid to got to count the change in that sugar bowl.  Sweet memories!
Here's a couple more scales that called to me.  I'm not offended by rust and blemishes, they add to the character of the piece, proving age and use.
This old scale looks great holding a mixing bowl, the pointer seems to be worse for wear, but it still makes a statement of its own.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How 'bout a little Texas bull?!!  Is this guy the king of the pasture or what.  I was raised on a farm and always was scared of the bull, all this guy need do is look my way and I'm outta there.
Back in the day - a woman would never be caught without a hankie in her pocket or purse.  I have an obsession for these beautiful little floral pieces, meant to wipe your nose or brow.  They are just so colorful and ohhhh the sweet flowers, love em!  I thought the round zodiac one was an unusual one.
I picked up this little cabinet at a yard sale recently.  It was originally blonde, however I thought it would look better white, so out came the paint can, some new knobs, and this is how it turned out.
This is the box top for childrens stationary.  It is just adorable, I think it is suitable for framing.
I can just imagine some young child writing a letter to Grandma on this vintage paper.  It is so cute!  Our kids and grandkids don't know what it is to hand write a letter, we hand wrote to our grandparents, sent thank yous, even had pen pals. 
I don't remember when I acquired this, it has been around my house for some time.  I have always liked the worn frame, and don't we all love the thought of having a soul mate.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm finally posting after a long break.

I'm finally making a post on my blog.  I have been away for well over a month.  My mother has been battling cancer for the past year.  She recently went through a really hard time and I spent a month living with her, she just needed some help.  She is now back on her feet and I am at home again.  Priorities must sometimes be put into order.  Mom is finishing up with her radiation this week and we are all looking forward to getting back to our normal routines.  So thankful that she is getting better!

Changing up the bedroom.

A change was long over due in our bedroom, we had been using the same furniture for over 20 years.  So out with the old and in with older.  I love the headboard - we found a pretty beaten up mantle and added some wood appliques and then coated it with some antique white.  The new spread is a very soft robins egg/green chenille, this is how we made beds when I was a young girl.  None of that bed skirt, comforter, pillow shams, it was all one piece.  So when I saw this Mary Jane spread I was smitten. 
I decided to give my jewelry armoire a change with a couple cans of spray paint.  In the spirit of down sizing in this room I am using it for a bedside table.
I found this chest and spiffed it up with some antique white paint, threw out the old handles and replaced them with these vintage looking handles.  You can purchase these handles at Lowe's.  Topped it off with a crocheted doily made by my cousin Sabrina,  and a few family photos.  I am loving the way it is looking in our bedroom make over.
More work of the changing of our bedroom.  This dresser is one of the prized items my cousin Debra gave me when she cleaned out.  It needed a mirror - I found this one in Ella Elaine's booth in McKinney, gave them a quick cover of antique white, I think they married up really nice.
I just fell in love with these lamps when I laid eyes on them.  The pictures don't do justice to the beautiful shade of pink and sweet roses. 
Some items I picked up recently while hitting garage sales. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I made this swag using scrapbook paper and iron on letters, then copied it onto cardstock and outlined it with german glitter.  TIP:  No one can have enough german glitter - love it!!!  My grandkids even ask for glitter on their artwork (ages 4 and 8). 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Check out this one lane bridge, it connects Texas and Oklahoma just past Denison, on a back road of course.  We were out checking garage sales and came upon this wonderful piece of history.  Thought it was way cool, so of course we had to cross over and back.  It made up for that garage sale listing that was closed when we got there.