Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yard Art

These fun yard birds were spotted in OK over the weekend while junking.  I have an affection for them, when my Dad was living he made two similar ones for me.  He's been gone for 8 years now, I still have the birds and treasure them.  My Dad was always tinkering with something, I like to think that I inherited some of his passion for making things.  My Mother is a quilter and sewed my clothes when I was growing up.  I love coming from a family of do-it-yourselfers.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A look at Timeless Treasures Antique Mall in Canton

Hope you enjoy the pictures, didn't feel the need to say anything, will let the pictures speak for themselves.  If you get the chance stop by this mall for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Scales - I remember that my Grandma had a kitchen scale.  She lived in the country and grew an enormous garden, and often sold veggies to the neighbors.  They would come by, express their wants and out came the bread sacks (everything was recycled) and filled with squash, okra, ect.  They were promptly weighed and the money was put into the sugar bowl.  It was a fun day when a kid to got to count the change in that sugar bowl.  Sweet memories!
Here's a couple more scales that called to me.  I'm not offended by rust and blemishes, they add to the character of the piece, proving age and use.
This old scale looks great holding a mixing bowl, the pointer seems to be worse for wear, but it still makes a statement of its own.