Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On Dancer, On Prancer..........I found this divided drawer and decided to back it with some sheet music and then hung the reindeer ornaments, so easy, wish I had a few more of these drawers.  The deer can be removed after Christmas and something else can be hung for the next holiday or special gathering.
This is one of my Christmas gifts.  Our oldest son and his wife did this for me for my gift, I soooooo love it!  If all goes well we will be roasting marshmallows on Christmas night.  We live in a small cabin in the woods, very private, our two sons have made trails through the woods, a bridge across the creek, and have several hives of bees.  I love living with less stuff and more nature.
Here's a little something that isn't Christmas.  The weather was somewhat ok today, so I was outside taking a few pics, thought I would post some of them.  Wait - I can explain this, ok, I do have a thing for watering cans.  This is a little outside setting - I am working on a small area that I would like to be a secret garden.  I have container plants in this area and look forward to enjoying it in the warmer weather. 
Cold weather is taking its toll on the plants, about the only thing green are the pansies - I love to plant in old containers and tins.  These are sitting in a wagon, easy to move around as needed.  I have started doing container planting and find that I like the ease of taking care of plants that way.  I can't wait for winter to pass so there is something pretty to look at in the garden!