Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How 'bout a little Texas bull?!!  Is this guy the king of the pasture or what.  I was raised on a farm and always was scared of the bull, all this guy need do is look my way and I'm outta there.
Back in the day - a woman would never be caught without a hankie in her pocket or purse.  I have an obsession for these beautiful little floral pieces, meant to wipe your nose or brow.  They are just so colorful and ohhhh the sweet flowers, love em!  I thought the round zodiac one was an unusual one.
I picked up this little cabinet at a yard sale recently.  It was originally blonde, however I thought it would look better white, so out came the paint can, some new knobs, and this is how it turned out.
This is the box top for childrens stationary.  It is just adorable, I think it is suitable for framing.
I can just imagine some young child writing a letter to Grandma on this vintage paper.  It is so cute!  Our kids and grandkids don't know what it is to hand write a letter, we hand wrote to our grandparents, sent thank yous, even had pen pals. 
I don't remember when I acquired this, it has been around my house for some time.  I have always liked the worn frame, and don't we all love the thought of having a soul mate.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm finally posting after a long break.

I'm finally making a post on my blog.  I have been away for well over a month.  My mother has been battling cancer for the past year.  She recently went through a really hard time and I spent a month living with her, she just needed some help.  She is now back on her feet and I am at home again.  Priorities must sometimes be put into order.  Mom is finishing up with her radiation this week and we are all looking forward to getting back to our normal routines.  So thankful that she is getting better!

Changing up the bedroom.

A change was long over due in our bedroom, we had been using the same furniture for over 20 years.  So out with the old and in with older.  I love the headboard - we found a pretty beaten up mantle and added some wood appliques and then coated it with some antique white.  The new spread is a very soft robins egg/green chenille, this is how we made beds when I was a young girl.  None of that bed skirt, comforter, pillow shams, it was all one piece.  So when I saw this Mary Jane spread I was smitten. 
I decided to give my jewelry armoire a change with a couple cans of spray paint.  In the spirit of down sizing in this room I am using it for a bedside table.
I found this chest and spiffed it up with some antique white paint, threw out the old handles and replaced them with these vintage looking handles.  You can purchase these handles at Lowe's.  Topped it off with a crocheted doily made by my cousin Sabrina,  and a few family photos.  I am loving the way it is looking in our bedroom make over.
More work of the changing of our bedroom.  This dresser is one of the prized items my cousin Debra gave me when she cleaned out.  It needed a mirror - I found this one in Ella Elaine's booth in McKinney, gave them a quick cover of antique white, I think they married up really nice.
I just fell in love with these lamps when I laid eyes on them.  The pictures don't do justice to the beautiful shade of pink and sweet roses. 
Some items I picked up recently while hitting garage sales.