Friday, January 7, 2011

I went junkin today and didn't come home empty handed, YES!!!

I found the wonderful picture at a favorite thrift shop, the crocheted triangle looking piece is a valance, overall I was quite pleased with the treasures I found.  I can't imagine only shopping for new things.  I love the character of an old piece, and don't get me close to crocheted or embroidered pieces, they are my weakness!  I am looking forward to spring when garage sales are going on again, my favorite pass time.

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Jane said...

You found some wonderful stuff! I so agree with's much more fun shopping for vintage pieces rather than new pieces.
Your mall space looks really nice. I have been to that antique mall before. I live in Missouri but I have two sisters who both live in Frisco. Next time I'm down to visit I will definitely have to stop by your booth.