Tuesday, January 4, 2011

McKinney - Antique Company Mall

We spent today in McKinney setting up our new space at the Antique Company Mall.  This was an awaited opportunity for us.  I love this mall, the inspiration there is amazing, you need only to shop around and you are sure to be inspired!!! 

If you are looking for valentines - look no further, I came home with more than a handful of vintage valentines.  So sweet and they bring back old memories of grade school when we all brought decorated valentine boxes for everyone to deposit your special valentine in.  Remember the crepe paper and construction paper hearts, lots of pink and red.  Carefree days gone by. 

I am posting some pics of the new space, hope you stop by this mall next time you get out for fun.

1 comment:

kaylorscottage said...

I love your new booth. The cremes are so pretty. I want every thing!!!You really know how to stage a booth!!!