Monday, January 30, 2012

Well, I have to tell you - this was different than anything else I have done.  However, I totally enjoyed doing it.  The husband and kids raised their eyebrows a bit and gave me one of those looks, you know - the "I don't understand you" kinda look.  Eve - our 8 year old grand daughter came in and looked with amazement - "GRANDMA!  (smiling all the time), Grandma, what are you doing?"  Eve loves to do crafts with me, she already wants her own crafting space and supplies.  I took it to the mall where it may never sell, but I bet it will catch a look or two, and possibly a smile.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trip to Timeless Treasures in Canton

Hmmmmm - what could I do with these, I didn't buy them but I keep thinking that I should have.  I bet they are gone before the week is over.  I was at Timeless Treasures this week and took some pics - hope you enjoy.
This little round baby picture is just precious.
Pretty frames!
A colorful country kitchen - the only thing missing are the Fiesta dishes.
Perfect for the nursery, I am taken by the background sheet music.
I never grow tired of these soft floral patterns, I love them on lamps, dishes, vases, pictures - I think they are so comforting.  They should make tattoos with this pattern and color, LOL!
This cottage display is so pretty, I especially  like the green shutters behind it.
I'm not sure what this is, but it is heavy, it's metal, and looks cool.
Industrial lighting here, very appealing!
A touch of green here, not only pretty in the kitchen, but I have been planting in these type granite ware bowls and kettles.  They look great on the porch stuffed with plants.
Sweet lighting adds to the mood here.
I remember when everyone had a piece or two like this black metal, then the trend passed and you couldn't give it away at a garage sale, now we are all wondering why we didn't snatch it all up when we had the opportunity.  I for one, love it!
Donna has a nice cottage look with these tables.
This is an eye catcher when you walk in the door, size + color = LIKE.
I would love to have this - looks like the perfect place to knead bread.