Monday, February 28, 2011

This vintage birdcage was given to me by my cousin Debra - isn't it wonderful!!!  She has been cleaning out things she doesn't want or need and getting ready to sell and move.  We have both collected for years, many good times going junkin together!  (partners in crime - she calls us serial collectors - lol!)  I added the bird candle and a few shirting buttons, all ready for a new home now.

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Jane said...

I love your birdcage. That was a great gift from your cousin.
I was looking through some of your other posts and I love your watch face bracelets too. I have a few watch faces but, like you said, it's crazy what thrift stores want for old watches.
I have two sisters in live in Frisco. Next time I visit I want them to take me to McKinney. I've been to the antique mall you are in once and really enjoyed it. I've also had the pleasure to go to Canton once...definitely want to get back again.